About Us

We have experiences in IP field for a long time. Our aim is to assist businesses to concern the important of thier IP assets and how to exploit the IP assents to support business growth beginning from learning IP law to IP litigation.


Intellectual Property e.g. Trademark. Patent (invention & design), Copyright, etc. and business law to decide which intellectual property suit your business and how to exploit them to make the best profit for business. Learning from IP attorney with experiences is advisable.


registrability and patentability by conducting IP search. Knowing what is legally registrable and what is not helps you decide how to proceed your IP both before filing the applications and during the IP prosecutions. It also help you to avoid an unintentional infringement.


your company. It is not difficult for doing so on your own. If a load of documents required and difficult-to-understand instructions of the authority makes you getting headache and being serious all days, finds professionals and you will satisfy how many days you can save.


Trademark, Patent, Design and Copyright applications with IP offices in Thailand and foreign countries. Filing them without knowledge and experiences would cause a problem about time, cost and quality. IP Self-help books are not enough to get an enforceable IP certificate in many countries.


registrability and patentability. You may of the opinion that some trademark and patent applications are not worth for receiving a protection. IP offices open doors for submitting an opposition (for an opponent) and counterstatement (for IP owner) to balance the public interest. Submission of the opposition does not mean a would-be infringement.


other IP and business issues e.g. ownership, assignment, licensing, etc. In addition to prohibit other to copy or use your brand and invention without your consent, trademarks and patents can be assigned, transferred, sold or licensed to other party in exchange of a kind of payment (or royalty) for each item sold under the IP.


IP disputes in court. If the disputes cannot be settle by mediation or by other means, going to the court is final measure. However, there are pros and cons to the business of IP owners and infringers if taking this measure. Clear evidences of infringement, quality of the IP and IP attorney play a significant role on the fate of the case.